The StreamingHouse IP network is a full HD or 4K communication system that can be built specifically for customers. This system can be adapted to any customer requirement and can be expanded indefinitely.  All important locations of a company can be connected with each other. 


In today’s world, audiovisual communication is more important than ever. 

No communication or poorly managed communication can lead to enormous misconduct and big misunderstandings. In order to communicate content or complex information to other people, a cultured and selective communication is required. For internationally operating companies, badly managed communication can develop into a not inconsiderable cost factor. 

Two-thirds of workers day not receive enough information as their business undergoes change. This increases the risk of misconduct by 42% (according to study of the CEB management consulting.

Companies that communicate new challenges to their employees, and who consistently point out the importance of ethical behaviour, will see the slightest misconduct in implementing change In the area of investor relations, gem, CEB study, this factor is even higher. 

In addition, a strategically perfect guided audiovisual communication, important content or philosophies to employees keeps costs low in all areas. A live webcast for Asia, Europe and the US avoids the considerable costs of travel and return as well as hotel costs of all participants from these regions!

The eco-balance of the company and the climate is spared a clear factor in this day and age. 

StreamingHouse Inc. offers the optimal communication tools to achieve these goals. A livestream can be received, as desired, without much effort in most regions of the world. 

StreamingHouse Inc. offers the ideal platform and necessary tools to “stream” this content world-wide. 

We have the professional “know-how” and the equipment to realise audiovisual live communication. The efficient and comprehensive transmission of public or internal content as a live webcast is our core area. 

Exclusively for our customers we offer turnkey “all-in-one” live streaming solutions worldwide. We distinguish between:

  • publicly available live webcast (public)
  • internal, private, non-public live webcast (non-public)

A public accessible webcast offers content such as a press conference, panel discussion, webinar or auction, etc The possibilities are limitless in this regard. 

The non-public live webcast will be used for events with internal or private content.
Such as:

  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Investor Relations
  • Management Decisions
  • Employee Information
  • quarterly figures and the annual report.

Here it is customary to enable selected groups/persons to access these contents for the non-public live webcast by login.

Our experienced video and film crews produce live images in the highest HD or 4K quality from your event. With our IP-based system racks or satellite-based workflow, we deliver content to all social and private networks. 

Not local, regardless of where the live production or the interested viewer is. A live webcast, no matter where it is produced, can be received by interested viewers world-wide via Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet 

We are happy to show you our system 1: 1, in full operation and advise you on the various possibilities and benefits of the live webcast. 

New customers receive 30% discount for the frst production. Ask us without obligation for your next project and tell us your requirements. We accompany you in your project and will do everything to convince with our “all-in-one” services.